Take a moment.

Tune in. Listen to your heart...

What does your heart long to birth?

Is there a dream or vision alive inside that is calling you forward at this time?

Is there an embodiment of a leader that's been whispering to you "I'm ready", waiting to come out and share their gifts?

If you’re ready to honor your purpose and step into aligned action...



Our current culture is longing for a new era in leadership.

We are calling upon leaders, changemakers, wayshowers, and those ready to make an impact not only in the outer world, but who walk their talk in their lives. It's time to stop playing small and accept the invitation that is begging us forward to step into our highest potential and live passionate, service-oriented lives, that create a positive change for all. This collective call is not just calling upon some of us, it's calling each and every one of us to contribute to in our own way.


"The woman I see in the mirror today is not the same woman I saw before Muse Mastermind. The woman I see today has clearer vision, fire in

her eyes, fierce grace, and faith in her purpose. Self-Compassion is one of the many gifts I received from this program and it's a gift that keeps

on giving. The voice of self-doubt has subsided and the voice of inner-courage grows stronger everyday.  The circle of sisterhood in Muse

Mastermind has not only been motivating, loving, and nurturing, but has also contributed to the healing of the sisterhood wound that was

present in my life. Luna’s constant support, practices, and offerings continue nourishing my relationships and mission of service to young


Patille Violeta // Founder of Emerging Girl 


This year, the focus of Muse Mastermind is to highlight those who are called to be Changemakers to come togethter through the format of Council where we can support and witness one another during this process of birthing your heartfelt dreams (your self-created project during the program) and stepping into full-spectrum leadership.

Everyone is a Changemaker.

We effect change through all our thoughts, words, and actions.

It is only when we have the conscious awareness of our impact and take that as a great personal responsibility do we step into leadership.

 Council is an age-old community practice where people come together to bear witness to one another’s truths and to enter a brace space of authentic sharing. It is a practice deeply rooted in listening, authenticity, relationship building, without any sense of hierarchy, so every voice is heard, no one feels invisible and everyone has the opportunity to connect.

When Changemakers come together in the shared space of council we see the experiences that unite us, we connect through differences, we empathize with challenges, and we support and resource one another in ways we couldn't do on our own, because we're not alone in our efforts to create change.

We will have monthly Council Calls each module. And this year the format has changed from a 5-day retreat concluding a 6-month journey to now offer 4x in-person, day-long retreat & council experiences throughout the 9-month program for those who opt for the Immersion Incubator experience. The intention for this change was to have more in-person, deep-diving time throughout the program and to bring the participants together to connect in ways that simply can't be done online.


What I've seen again and again...

Are women who are frustrated with the status quo, who are unclear in their how because they only have models from leadership that haven't include them and their strengths, who are swimming in self-doubt and feeling dissatisfied with their lives because they can feel their purpose being unfulfilled and the time passing them by, as they convince themselves that tomorrow, next year, when I have this, or when my kids are older... then, then it will be my time. I've seen women who play small to be accepted and not make too many waves.

And I'm glad to say, more and more, I am seeing women rising up out of their smallness into their birthright as confident leaders and changemakers. I am seeing and supporting countless women finding their voice, their message, their path of service in the most aligned way and living with aligned action. I'm seeing women develop their own flavor of feminine leaderhship and full-spectrum nature to benefit not just their career path, but every area of their lives.

This wound and conditioning of feeling not good enough, ready enough, capable enough, smart enough, supported enough, or resourced enough to share our voice, ideas, emotions, work, or presence is completely in our hands to heal, change, and reclaim our birthright as changemakers.


One of my greatest pleasures is supporting you realize your creative dreams and guide you in birthing clear vision into tangible gifts you share with the world.

This program was birthed through my having been "the Queen of Unfinished Projects” to now being a leader who is committed and devoted to my path of service. This is all a result of my developing a romantic relationship with The Muse as a co-creative partner. Once this relationship became a priority, not only did I start to follow through and create more than I knew was humanly possible, I had more energy, I called in the most amazing life-partner to create with, and I upleveled my life in every way.

Being raised in New York by a single, badass Mama who died young forced me to face realities I was ill-prepared for at that time. I hardened my shell and embodied a more masculine form of leadership that got things done yet left me dissatisfied, feeling a whole part of myself uncultivated and unacknowledged. I hid from my emotions, limiting beliefs, and unresolved issues that created this behavior, all as a form of protection. I kept busy so I didn’t have to feel. Then it all caught up with me. And it wasn’t until I could look at my choices, take responsibility for them, and self-parent my wounded self that I could share my gifts in an aligned way through full-spectrum leadership.


Three years ago, after 5+ years as a clinician in one of the world’s top holistic addiction treatment centers as a Life Purpose and Spiritual Counselor, The Muse knocked on my door and invited me to co-create a greater offering from all I had learned in my own journey helping hundreds of people find a sense and path of purpose.

We’ve had a beautifully intimate journey the last two years with Muse Mastermind. This year I’m opening the doors to two levels of participation to make it more accessible and more affordable to more people… because we all deserve to step into aligned purpose.

Going back… In my clinical work all the clients, no matter their age, gender, or socio-economic background showed me the keys needed to feel “on purpose” and to experience true fulfillment…

- connection to a higher power -

- a sense of having a calling and aligned intention to fulfill that calling -

- embodiment of confidence and an “I can” attitude -

- willingness to meet challenges and not give up -

- a heartfelt desire to serve others / make a positive impact -

- taking care of themselves first to be able to step into action -

- welcoming full-spectrum living -



This program is an accumulation of over a decade of deep personal work, graduate academic studies in Spiritual Psychology, being a leader in the fields of Women’s Leadership and Life Purpose, and working with hundreds of people, just like you, who are all looking for one thing - to feel aligned with their purpose and live it fully in the world.



is an invitation for you and your gifts to be seen and acknowledged as valuable. Like all my work, it is comprised of A two-FOLD path: 


1. inner work: personal reflection, responsibility, acknowledgement, acceptance, expression - or in this case, more specifically, relationship with Self & Muse


all of this is exercised and integrated through Our...


2. outer work: how we move in the world, our embodiment, our actions, our service and impact - or in this case, more specifically, birthing a heartfelt vision/project


This is my jam, my zone of genius, my heartfelt joy and pleasure to share and support women in giving themselves permission to more fully step into their passion, purpose and potential to create a society-shifting positive impact in today’s world. It’s my highest excitement to help you decolonize your mind and body so you can be the sovereign woman you came here to be. That’s a woman who takes up space, knows her needs, communicates clearly, and when needed, fiercely, from her heart, and shows up day in and day out to share herself so generously because she whole-heartedly believes in the value of her gifts and presence, and it would kill her to hold an ounce of that back.


"Luna is one of the most talented and incredible listeners I have ever come across. She has a powerful ability to hear beyond words, beyond

the mind's stories, and beyond what one thinks is the reason for something, and to truly bring the soul's truth forward. She listens to the soul. 

She hears the truth and with tough love like a mother or grandmother guides one back to their deep inner knowing. Luna has a deeply spiritual, 

but also a very practical and grounded way of relating. She helped me to overcome my emotional blocks and areas of

overwhelm and helped to guide me in taking the action steps needed to achieve my dreams. Luna is someone deeply committed to love, to

the rising of the feminine, to empowerment on a soul level. If you are ready to face the truth, even when its not easy to hear. If you are

ready to receive love from someone who will change forms based on your needs: moving from mother, to grandmother, to sister, to teacher, to

student. Then Luna is the one for you. I am truly blessed to have this woman in my life."

J'aime Gianopoulos // Filmmaker, Photographer, Wild Woman


Liberation & Leadership

Muse Mastermind is for you if you're ready to...

  • stop postponing your dreams and visions for tomorrow
  • clarify and align with a personal sense of purpose
  • take the steps through accessible short and long term goals to birth your heartfelt dreams
  • acknowledge the deep desire to be of service and create a positive change in your world
  • step into the embodiment of a leader that carries personal reponsibility and awareness of your impact
  • get out of your own way and allow what is longing to come through you with grace
  • explore and liberate yourself from oppressive thoughts, identities and ways of being that allow you to embody leadership in a new and more authentic way
  • meet resistance and self-sabotage in a compassionate, effective, and life-changing manner
  • connect with, listen to, and integrate the wisdom of your body and intuition
  • embrace a full-spectrum approach to your humanity and leadership
  • learn skills to further your ongoing leadership cultivation
  • receive unconditional support, structute, mentorship, reflection, accountability, strategy, and tools
  • contribute to and receive from a rich community of depth, acceptance, abundance, upliftment and encouragement

how it works

For 9 months, a natural gestation cycle, we will gather together to explore one module a month, intentionally curated to support your journey. Each week we'll go deeper in experience and understanding. You will be given tools, self-exploration exercise booklets, writing prompts, meditations, mentorship from myself and guest experts, as well as accountability on embodying and taking action with your new learnings as you take steps each day, week, and month to complete your self-created project. To support our work we will utilize various formats: lecture, council, masterminding, Q&A, group sharing pods, in-person immersions, and accountability partners. 



1. THE MUSE  //  curiosity + trust + creativity + attunement
2. YOUR WHY  //  leadership + call to action + making an impact + being a changemaker
3. POWER OF PRESENCE  //  marrying discipline & devotion + creating space & balance + full-spectrum living
4. MEETING RESISTANCE  //  using malignment as an ally + seeing the invitations + sovereignty
5. SERVICE ORIENTATION  //  generosity of Spirit + non-indulgent selfcare + intention vs. impact
6. RECLAIMING  //  the courage to shine + owning your power + embodiment + inner freedom
7. PLEASURE AS MEDICINE  //  receptivity + being nourished + self-courtship + true liberation
8. ALIGNED ACTION  //  accountability + integrity + follow through + personal devotion
9. RESOURCEFULNESS  //  co-creation + collaboration + abundance + tending



Live Group Coaching

Each month we have two in-depth group 75 min. coaching calls to dive into that module's content, taught live via Zoom. The first call lays the foundation, and the second call is a deeper dive and excavation of what has arisen within you after you've explored it within yourself. 


Group Council Calls

Each month we have a communal 120 min. online council call to share personally where we're at, to listen, to be informed by one another's experiences, to get curious, and to connect as a collective around that module's topic of discussion.


Module Self-Exploration E-books

Each module you receive an in-depth e-book with content, exercises, writing prompts, and homejoy that will support you in integrating what that module has to offer you + a supportive structure to help you strategize and actualize your dream through tangible action steps.


Guided Audio Meditations

Each module you will receive an intentionally recorded mediation to support your personal deepening with that module's content and integrate it into your subconscious. These are yours to keep forever.


Accountability Partner

Each participant will be paired with an accountability partner and given an outlined structure to support each other's on-going commitment to yourselves, your remembrance, and project fulfillment. You can uplift and reflect with your partner regularly through any medium you choose.


Project Pods

Integrated Leadership Training: 1-2 self-organized + facilitated council calls per month to give and receive support, nourish the greater collective creative field we share, and contribute to manifesting our personal and shared dreams. Together we are stronger. 


Private Online Community

Our private Facebook group is a brave space for sharing learnings, questions, reflections, wisdom, receiving one another where we're at that moment, and witnessing each other's growth.  I am committed to daily moderation, presence, reflections, providing clarity, and encouragement. 


Expert Guest Mentors

Each module will get access to a guest teacher who will provide another lens through which to see the content. These are inspiring feminine leaders who walk their talk and are generously sharing their time, insights, presence and wisdom with us. 

uplevel your participation


A limited number of 8 devoted women will join me in an intimate extension of the mastermind program to get together for additional in-person, full-day immersions throughout our 9-months together. They will also receive monthly 1:1 personal sessions from me and so many bonus goodies. This is what Muse has always been, and this year I'll be offering the above at a lower price point so there are two levels of participation, creating greater acccess for more participants.


9x 1:1 Personal Mentorship Sessions

Each module/month you will receive a 90-minute 1:1 session where we will dive deep, explore your edges, build a sustainable strategy, refine your process, explore the embodiment you're stepping into, and look at your personal project fulfillment.


4x In-person Daylong Immersion Retreats

An alchemy occurs when we come together in person that often creates a life changing shift.We will workshop, ritualize, clarify, play, laugh, cry, and explore together deeply in person and step into greater embodiment through my mindfully curated curriculum.  Spring: SF Bay Area, CA // Summer: Washington TBD // Fall: Sante Fe, NM // New Year: Southern California 

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 12.02.29 AM.png

Bonus: 21-day Passion, Purpose & Potential Program

3-week journey to guide you step-by-step in a deep discovery of how you can honor and share your unique gifts in the world. You receive rich, daily videos and self-discovery exercise booklets from me to support you as you find greater inner satisfaction. Go at your own pace.


Bonus: Personalized Welcome Pack

These are a few of my favorite things... the best yearly planner, crystal egg from YoniCrystals, holistic beautycare, oil blends, herbs, lovenotes from me personalized for each of the 8 immersion participants delivered at the first in-person retreat day... because gifting is my love language.


What some of our alums have to say...


Sacred Exchange

There's so many beautiful programs and offerings out there. If something inside you is saying you're ready to create change in your life, embody your greatest Self at this time, and receive support in birthing your dreams... whether it's with me or someone else, honor that.

I hope the new format allows this program to be more affordable to more women.


As a reminder for the Muse Mastermind, you will receive:  

18 live group coaching calls + 9 facilitated councils + 9 in-depth module ebooks + 9 monthly meditations + an accountability partner + project pods + supportive online community + 9 guest teachers. 

$3300 or 12-payments of $300


And if you apply for the Immersion Incubator, in addition to all the above, you will receive:

+ 9 monthly 90-min 1:1 sessions with me

+ 4 day-long retreats

+ The 21-day Passion, Purpose & Potential Program

+ A hand-crafted care package from me.

$6600 or 12-payments of $588

*There are 3x "pay-what-you-choose" scholarships available specifically for those committed this work of personal leadership and who have a heartfelt service project, but do not have an abundance of expendable resources available to them. Those who hold marginalized identities (black/POC, disabled, indigenous, low-income, LGBTQIA+, etc.) will be prioritized. If you're interested in this opportunity please fill out the application and note you're applying for the scholarship.


"When I first heard Luna speak I felt a profound spark of empowered clarity inside myself. This spark ignited a powerful “YES!” to

join her immersive Muse Mastermind program to explore my creative truth and blocks in supportive sisterhood. Following this

commitment meant diving into some deep to places I couldn’t have gone alone. Luna upheld me with a heart-centered clarity and

inspired reflection as she helped me to explore my shadows head-on, while her brilliant guided meditations and exercises opened

a door to a closer, more vivid relationship with my embodied higher self. Participating in Muse mastermind planted a seed within

me, which continues to flower as I become an ever more conscious creatrix, living in increasingly intimate co-creation my inner


Paige LaWall, Sacred Dance Arts: Fire & Hoop Performer



"Within the first 5 minutes of Luna's event, Rise & Uplift, I was in tears when hearing my soul’s intention was

“to realize how awesome I already am.” I had just come off a series of relationship workshops where I continually left feeling drained and

incomplete from continually digging to find the block. Over the course of the  weekend, I ended up feeling energized and alive. 

This inspired me to join the 2017 Muse Mastermind to support the next level of my growth. Based my intentions and desires, she took my hand and heart and

led me to a place that I surely could not have gone alone. She stayed with me, nurtured me, and held space. 

I have come away with more self-love, self-compassion, and aligned actions than I have ever had in my entire life."

Charlene Sansone, Community-builder & Producer of   Creative Storytelling projects



  • How many spots are available?

    • In the basic Muse Mastermind program, there are unlimited spaces, come one, come all!
    • In the Muse Mastermind: Immersion Incubator I will be taking a maximum of 8 participants to keep the intimacy of the program and the accessibility to me abundant.
  • Why is there an application process?

    • This is for both of us. I always say, "I don't care if you participate in this or not, I just want to support you in making a decision from a place of clarity. I want you to have a FULL YES, or a FULL NO, not to say yes or no woven with doubt or confusion." The application is for me to see if you're a good fit for this particular program and our follow up call is for you to get the support you need to gain the clarity to make a firm decision.
  • I'm a busy bee, how much time will I be expected to commit to this program?

    • It's totally up to you. There are weekly calls that are all recored and sent out. The calls are 75 minutes and are well worth your time whether live or later on your own. The fact that you're birthing a personal project allows you to integrate the content in real-time. It will likely take an average of 4 hours per week to engage fully. Some of this time will be spent applying new skills, meditating, listening to the information, completing the weekly workbook, engaging in the Facebook group, and participating in the group calls. However, as with anything, what you put in is what you get out!
  • Do you offer refunds? If so, whats the policy?

    • No, but I will give you as much of my time as needed before the program to find your clear yes and answer all questions. I trust you to be discerning in your commitment before saying yes as an act of leadership and personal responsibility. Once you commit and make your first payment, you're saying yes to the long haul. There are some times that come up in the course of 9 months that may take you away from the course, but it's all recorded and you can catch up another time. 
  • I can't make all the calls, is that ok?

    • Of course. The live calls are an opportunity for you to ask me questions, get personalized support, and deepen your understanding of the topics. However, they are not mandatory. If you miss a call, they will be recorded for you to access whenever you want.
  • How much 1:1 time do I get with Luna?

    • The basic Muse Mastermind program does not include any 1:1 support from me, only shared group time in which we are live and you can access my support on the group calls. However, if you find you want that personalized 1:1 please opt for the Immersion Incubator which gives you 9x 1:1 90min. sessions and 4 in-person full-day immersions with our small group.
  • I really want to participate, but can't afford it. Are there alternative options?

    • The pricing of Muse Mastermind was calculated intentionally to give you extreme value. This year I've created two tiers of participation to allow greater access and an extended payment plan. If you have a gut-wrenching YES, do not let your "I can't" voice get the best of you. I believe in your ability to cultivate the necessary means to participate and honor your readiness. You can always apply and let me know your situation and we can take it from there.
  • I'm feeling a YES, but my "I can't" voice is really strong... any guidance?

    • Apply and let's chat. You should feel nervous... you're on the edge of something HUGE! Anything that is calling this much of you forward into being should invite a level of resistance. Just notice it. Notice how much power you give it. See if it's fear or if it's guidance. Honor it, but don't forget about the YES you feel as well. Check in, which one is on your side?